The classrooms are designed to give the children the opportunity to choose between active and quiet activities. Each area in the classroom offers stimulation for growth, experimentation, and learning.



Art Area - The art area is full of age-appropriate materials that encourage creativity. Seeing the work that they have completed helps the children to feel good about themselves, which in turn builds their self-esteem.

Cooking - Through cooking, the children will learn to describe and observe how things change. By following step-by-step pictured instructions, the children are given the opportunity to practice following directions. Most importantly, the children learn how to use their five senses and how to work with everyday tools in an exciting way.

Dramatic Play - One of the most natural experiences for children is acting out fantasy life. In the dramatic play area children are given the opportunity to act out imaginary and real-life situations. This fantasy play, whether in the doll house, in costume or with puppets, provides the children with the opportunity to explore different personalities and to learn how to manage a variety of life's situations.

Movement - Movement time allows the children freedom to use their bodies in different ways. They may learn the many shapes, speeds, and heights their bodies can achieve, experience different feelings by dancing to a variety of music, and develop balance, flexibility, special awareness, and gross and fine motor skills.

Language -There is a reading area in which children can read to each other or listen to stories to develop language experience; an opportunity for children to dictate their own stories and a variety of fine motor skill and visual discrimination activities help the children develop their pre-reading skills.

Music Class - Once a week, a music instructor introduces the classes to music, song, dance and instruments. The music instructor spends 20-30 minutes with each class. On a regular basis, the teachers provide music experiences in song, dance and finger play for the children.

Gymnastics - A gymnastics class is offered at an additional price once a week. This class is provided by an outside agency, Mobile One Gymnastics. Parents may sign-up with Mobile One at any time during the year.

Science -The children are given the opportunity to work with nature and the environment through a variety of age-appropriate experiments that build observational skills and foster appreciation for our environment.

Logic-Through various problem-solving activities the children are introduced to basic mathematical vocabulary terms such as big, little, few, many, light and heavy. The activities the children work with are age-appropriate.


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